REUNITED!! URGENT Lost Corgi With Epilepsy Snellville

AT About 8:00 a neighbor came running over, he had her closed her in a fenced area. Kitty is home and receiving her meds now!!! From Kitty’s owner Matt Bristow ” PRAISE THE LORD, Kitty is home!!! Last night a man said he saw her sniffing around in a yard on the corner. I was walking the block this morning and she was inside that same house’s fenced in back yard. One fence jump for me & my baby is home!!! Meds given, food eaten. Today is the best day!”

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA people – my dog disappeared from my house today. Her name is Kitty, she is a tan & white Corgi, and she is severely epileptic. She has missed her evening dose of epilepsy medication & will be in very bad shape if she doesn’t get them soon. If you happen to know someone who has her, please alert them that if she is seizing, she is not dangerous to others, just in desperate need of her medication… the seizures are violent & frightening to watch, but she will not harm you in any way. She is wearing a black nylon dog collar with a red bone-shaped ID tag as well as a blue Gwinnett County rabies tag. If anybody has seen, or thinks they might have seen Kitty, PLEASE call Matt Bristow at 404-285-3319 or Roy Bristow at 770-601-2103 immediately. I am offering a reward for her safe return. Thank you so much for your help.


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